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AOK Events


Project Description

Kershaw Partners was brought in to AOK Events in 2015 with the specific task of helping them grow and develop into a more substantial, sustainable, professional and profitable event management business. At the time, AOK were operating principally as a corporate hospitality broker at major sports events, with some involvement in venue finding and more general event management.

Project Details

Client AOK Events

Skills Growth, sales, strategy

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Working alongside the CEO, Kershaw Partners helped scope a plan to focus the business into three divisions with individual, accountable and responsible Department Heads. We rapidly identified a competitor hospitality company as a potential acquisition and facilitated a deal that saw AOK’s Hospitality division double in size within the first year, whilst creating a strong, new brand for AOK Venues and AOK Creative – both of which have continued to thrive under the new structure.

Individual mentoring

Kershaw Partners helped introduce robust procedures, improved corporate governance, a change in financial  reporting policy and have continued to provide strategic guidance and individual mentoring as well as the introduction of further acquisition opportunities

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