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Compaq / HP

Project Description

Compaq/HP required a major overhaul of its global sponsorship activity to align with its new brand. Richard was employed to first assess current activity levels and to then produce a strategy, with property recommendations, that aligned with brand objectives for the global business. Richard undertook a detailed audit of Compaq sponsorships in EMEA and the information, analysis and also customer research initiated, led to a highly informed and strategic reduction from 48 sponsorships within this region to a suitable single figures portfolio.

Project Details

Client Compaq/HP

Area Global strategic and M&E consultancy

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Major Brand Sponsorship

Research and analysis implemented at the same time, also informed the decision to pursue a major brand sponsorship in F1, the largest sponsorship undertaken by Compaq/HP.

Richard created and led the measurement and evaluation programme surrounding the principal sponsorship of The BMW WilliamsF1 Team. This addressed many aspects of this multi-faceted activity but principally the specific Brand effect being pursued. This on-going measurement and evaluation also informed global activation and marketing decision making throughout the 6 year period of this sponsorship.

Strategic Consultancy

Richard also provided significant measurement, evaluation and strategic consultancy into the many on-going sponsorship issues (not simply F1) that arose within an organisation like HP, informing policy, legacy issues, communications, activity selections and commercial negotiations.

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