Why You Need A Laser Focus On Your Target Market

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can go out of business trying to be.


“I should be spending more on trying to reach a wider audience, right?”

Wrong. Spend less but target better.

If you were selling cars, you wouldn’t try and sell a 4×4 to someone who drives a mini, would you?

The mini driver likes driving a small car so even if he may like to be able to afford a 4×4 one day, he is not in your Target Market

Work out who THE person is that really wants to buy from you

Learn where they are and what they need

What pains they have and if what your offer provides a solution to that pain

And then

Fall in Love with your ideal client rather than what you are selling them.

Here’s why.

Learning to have laser focus on your Target Market is the T of the Kershaw Partners TABS Framework.

Be an Attention Seeker

Be an Attention Seeker!


Once you have a laser focus on your Target Market, you need to start making some noise!

But make sure your audience is listening.

With a daily bombardment of noise, we are programmed to filter out the stuff that we have no interest in.

But if we hear something that interests us, or involves us, then we sit up and listen.

Focus on what your buyer wants, be relevant and targeted.

Position your offer to have the maximum appeal to your Target Market

Does the offer solve the need that they have?

If it does then they have to listen because it appeals directly to them.

Richard and Mike explain more.

Getting the Attention of your Buyer is the A of the Kershaw Partners TABS Framework.

Make Them Believe

Nobody Talks To Strangers Unless There Is a Good Reason To Do So


Your buyer wants to hire the person who gets the job done

Your Offer is perfect, you have made them listen to you, but do they believe you?

Are you really the expert you claim to be, the leader in your field?

Have you solved the same need for someone else?

Do you have a track record and testimonials that prove it?

Positioning yourself is nothing more than the art of making clients come to you.

Build your believability on your website, through social media, through insightful blogs and interviews.

Buyers want to work with experts, it raises their status, makes them feel good about themselves.

And here’s why.

Building Belief is the B of the Kershaw Partners TABS Framework.

The Solution is Clear

If You Can Meet The Needs Of Your Customer, You Will Have a Raving Fan Not Just a Loyal Customer


The solution is like a movie script
It is the Hero’s two journeys through the movie with your guidance
At the end there is a journey of Achievement
And a journey of Transformation
Their goals have been met and their desires have been met.
Working with you has raised their status, you have made them feel great about themselves.
They like you, they trust you, they believe in you.
And they have a tangible result.
How does that work?
The Solution is the S of the Kershaw Partners TABS Framework.

Stop Making Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions And Wrong Decisions, Same Thing, Right?


Wrong!  There is a big difference, and the difference could be life and death for your business.

Decision 1 – You decide to do something based on gut instinct because you back yourself rather than others

Decision 2 – You look at the evidence, you interrogate and scrutinise, weigh up all the risks and decide to action

Which one is the bad decision?

Decision making is the toughest part of being an Entrepreneur, the greatest Entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to take quick and decisive decisions


Whether right or wrong, great Entrepreneurs will ALWAYS do the hard work

They will ALWAYS Risk Assess, Interrogate and Scrutinise and Seek Outside Opinion

Decision 1 – Beat yourself up

Decision 2 – Move on, you covered all your bases but you were wrong.  Chances are it won’t be serious.

Stop Making Bad Decisions!

Richard Groves

Richard is an expert in venue and catering sales and operations, event management, strategy & business development.

He launched his first catering company, Richard Groves Catering & Events, working in prestigious central London venues, before merging with two of his clients to form The Concerto Group in 2000. Rebranded as Create Food & Party Design, the catering division grew exponentially by an average of £1 million pounds per annum. Concerto was sold in 2015 when it was turning over £40 million. He is a former President of the UK Chapter of ILEA.

Richard repeated this growth plan at Smart Group from 2014, introducing a special event caterer and several new sole catering venues into the Group. Richard is an expert in venue and catering sales and operations, event management, strategy & business development.

AOK Events

Kershaw Partners was brought in to AOK
Events in 2015 with the specific task of helping

Pubs on Wheels

Pubs on Wheels is a premium operator of high
end mobile pubs, using expertly crafted and


Eworks Inc, based in Laguna Beach California,
is a very successful market research company

Planning for Growth with Kershaw Partners

At Kershaw Partners we talk to a lot of business owners and we have never met one that doesn’t want to ‘grow’ their business but what does business “Growth” really mean?

To most it means an increase in turnover because this equals more profit, makes them more money and
increases the value of their business. That’s great – it’s why we are in business after all but more sales on its own is only a short term and too often, short-lived gain.

Interestingly, in some cases a quick uplift in turnover can actually produce a reduced business valuation
because analysts feel the sales are not sustainable or are unduly stressing the business in terms of management systems and delivery capability.

Business growth is a much more robust development of the business as a whole, with a focus on building strength and sustainability across all aspects of the business. Such as:

Governance, compliance & financial management

Management team quality

Staff – ability plus loyalty & dependability

Marketing – your proposition & differentiation

Sales & Marcomms Processes

Asset value / IP

Customer relationships – strength/length

So, whilst we would never say no to making more sales, we would always encourage smart businesses to
plan their sales growth. Making sure time is spent on the right sales and not just the low hanging fruit,
looking at the lifetime value of a customer not just the immediate sales value and securing the
customer relationship for the longest term possible via contracts or special account terms. Plus – always
make sure the back-office capability and management systems match with the front of house proposition to avoid any issues with delivery.