Choose One Of Three Service Levels That's Right For You

We offer a range of advisory and/or ‘hands on’ growth consultancy services, on flexible terms, as although most clients face similar challenges, no two businesses are ever the same.

2 Day Review

A great way to start the long-term transformation of your business. Over two days, deploying an in-depth diagnostic questionnaire, our experts carry out a full review and analysis of the issues your business faces and the processes you have in place, revealing the opportunities available to you. The result is a detailed, personalised roadmap to success, that describes the practical, workable solutions that will help your business forge strongly ahead.


Full consultancy

In 6 modules – which can start with the 2 Day Review - our unique Rainbow Growth Ladder diagnoses issues, strengthens your strategic direction and covers all aspects of your business.

We start with a comprehensive audit to give us a full understanding of your business, then deploy the Ladder to guide you painlessly through the process of creating a strategic plan that works. The modules cover every aspect of your business – they take in Management and Governance, Finances and Funding, how to improve your Structure, Culture and make Operations more efficient and even advise on targeted marketing and sales using our unique TABS strategic marketing framework.

Then we conclude by building in robust systemisation so the good work can continue effortlessly. Like all rainbows, there’s a pot of gold at the end – and it’s called success.


On-going advisory

Once you have benefited from the 2 Day Review or Full Consultancy, we offer a helpful on-going support service at NED and Chair level. Our expert advisors continue to share their business acumen, developing your board’s knowledge and skills with robust advice, and provide ad hoc support whenever they need it.

It’s an exclusive mentoring/coaching approach from friendly experts who know from experience how to overcome the many challenges of running a business.




We have benefited hugely from the 30+ years experience Mike has in the events industry and he has been pivotal in two transactions that we have carried out, buying The Cavendish Consultancy and part buying We Find Venues. Mike continues to chair our Board Meetings and attending regular Senior Management strategy sessions where he is equally passionate, forthright, innovative and process-driven. He is constantly on the look out for further growth opportunities & I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

Alex Hewett

CEO - AOK Events group


Having grown steadily for three years I needed to understand how I accelerated the growth in Caiger and Company for the next three years. The two day workshop with Richard and David was the most useful and eye opening thing I had done since starting the business. The way they explained what I needed to do and the steps that I have to take was just brilliant. I would advise any small business who wants to seriously get ahead to spend the money of this, it is the best money you will ever spend.

Alix Caiger

Founder - Caiger & Co


Working with Mike and David was the best investment we could have made in our business this year. They provided a different perspective on strategic thinking and also gave us insight into areas we had never considered. We are going to be working with Kershaw Partners on an ongoing basis to help grow our business even further.

Laurie Weitzhorn

Co-Founder - Just Seventy


The extensive knowledge of business and advice given by Kershaw Partners has been an invaluable part of setting up my business. Whether it be their attention to detail, patience or constant support, they have been an integral part of getting my business up and running. David has been my right hand man, that in itself deserves a medal! He has been full of encouragement and always there to stop me making any decisions I’d regret!

Harriet Cuming

Founder - Whisp


Mike joined us late 2016 initially as an advisor and has been fundamental to the business since. Mike was brought in to help scale our business but at the same time improve our commercial processes, reporting and governance. His 30+ years experience has helped us identify growth opportunities and structure various deals that we wouldn’t have been able to complete on without his time and advice. Mike chairs our board meetings and is a mentor to the senior leadership team and a great team motivator. He’s passionate about people, connecting businesses and creating opportunities. He’s a game changer!

Gary Exall

CEO - Metatech

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